Rethinking the surfing industry


Flama Circular arises as a response to the need to transform the Surf Industry in the face of pollution. What type of pollution? That which boards, waxes and neoprenes generate daily in the ocean.

The starting point of Flama Circular dates back to the personal search of Sergi Galanó, shaper and founder of Flama Surf, who fifteen years ago began to develop a type of board made of wood. It was an approach that represented a return to basics through the use of organic, light, noble and non-polluting materials.

Since that first attempt, Sergi has innovated, tested new materials and adopted advanced technologies. But he understood that it was not enough to just produce surf boards. To create real change in the industry, it was crucial to share knowledge about it.

Today, Flama Circular ranges from production to the dissemination of knowledge through conferences, seminars and workshops. These events provide future shapers and industry leaders with the tools necessary to work together to realize the dream of more sustainable surfing.


Finally, Flama Circular’s vision crystallizes when Sergi understands that it implies a cultural change in an industry that has not changed for 70 years.

To promote this objective, Xavier Rubio Franch, CEO of Old Surfer Communication, founder of the Foundation for Sustainable Consumption and creator of the Ocean Connections platform, joins to contribute his experience in sustainable communication, strategic alliances and changing the habits of cultural and social paradigms .

From this collaboration arises the idea of creating the first platform aimed at changing the surfing industry by putting sustainability at the center.

Today, thanks to Sergi’s knowledge and Old Surfer’s drive, Flama Circular is experiencing remarkable growth and expansion, like a wave in the ocean that everyone can ride.





Our true identity is revealed through our actions, how we transform our ideas and beliefs into tangible realities. In this sense, Mozambique not only speaks for us, but acts as a reflection of who we are and where we want to go.

We want to share with you the multiple dimensions and incredible outcome of our work in Mozambique. Our approach goes beyond simple abstract concepts; it’s about tangible, lasting impact.

In Mozambique, we have empowered young people by providing them with tools to build sustainable surfboards, while at the same time we have instilled values of care and respect for the ocean.

In addition, we have imparted knowledge about sustainable business models, allowing the local community to benefit economically through tourism without compromising the environment.

Today, the community of shapers we have formed understands the importance of reducing pollution caused by traditional boards and products. They are now able to manufacture their own boards in a sustainable way and have the necessary knowledge to improve their economy in a responsible and viable way.

Flama Circular is not just a project, it is a mission. It is about generating a positive impact on the entire ecosystem that surrounds the world of surfing.

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