We invite you to meet those surfers, shapers and people with whom we share a same mission. They are our Flamers who fill us with pride.



Grant Newby is a recognized expert in the world of surfing and wooden board technology. His influence and mentoring have been fundamental in my professional development. He taught me how to use FlamaEvolve technology during my stay in Australia, where he passed on his knowledge to me in an invaluable way.

Grant has been a pioneer in the wood plank movement and his blog has served as a platform to connect people from around the world interested in this topic. Thanks to his initiative, annual meetings are organized such as the Wooden Surfboard Meet in Australia, of which I was the organizer in Europe for three consecutive years.

Grant stands out for his philosophy of sharing knowledge and collaborating in the community.



Tom Wegener was born in Redondo Beach, California but grew up in Palos Verdes, an area known for its surf culture. Despite the shortboard revolution, Tom was drawn to the longboards of the 60's, sparking his interest in surf design and surf history.

Starting in 1978 from his parents' garage, Tom explored working with paulownia wood, discovering its resistance to salt water and its potential to create hollow surfboards, a more sustainable alternative to traditional foam boards.

He lived in Hawaii and Australia, which helped him to merge the cultural traditions of these places into his designs. In Hawaii he graduated from university and worked as a Marine Biologist.

Tom advocates for boards that are environmentally friendly and safe to manufacture, with the hope that his method will inspire others to create their own boards. With a focus on safe materials and innovative techniques, Tom continues to be a leader in the surf industry, fusing tradition and progress in every design.

In March 2020, Tom was elected as one of seven Noosa Councillors. " I want to learn about how to make change in this world. For example, Noosa wants to be carbon neutral by 2026. How do we get there? I am hoping to create an agriculture hub. How do I do that, and how do we look at a piece of land and think sustainable farming? What can I/we do to facilitate these goals?".

This is exactly what "taking action" means! That's why we love Tom Wegener.



As a passionate surfer and advocate of sustainable surfing, Andrea embodies the core values of Flama Circular.

Not only does she share our vision of a world where surfing and sustainability go hand in hand, but she also embraces the idea that personal changes can become global causes. Her commitment to living a sustainable life and not being tied to the frenetic pace of the laws of the market resonates with our community.

In addition to being a talented surfer, Andrea is dedicated to transmitting her passion for surfing as a surf instructor at the @protrainingsurfschool in Cantabria, Spain, and she is also sponsored by @oxow_elle Her sensitivity toward environmental protection and her commitment to respect for nature are inspiring examples for all of us.

We are delighted to have Andrea on board and can't wait to see how together we can promote more sustainable and conscious surfing.