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Surfsufficient Mozambique

"Our true identity is revealed through our actions, how we transform our ideas and beliefs into tangible realities"

Surf Sufficiency is a program designed and developed by the NGO  Vanderful-Seeds of Hope, a development package that empowers communities in sub-Saharan Africa to ‘shape their own surfing future.’ An integrated, hands-on program designed to teach how to build, maintain, and repair surf gear using available materials. Their goal is to help building sustainable surf industries, fostering a deep respect for the ocean environment and encourage the growth of a self-sustaining surfculture.

We’re big fans of their work and share a same worldview with Vanderful, so finally the opportunity arose to join them in one of their projects: Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique. And what happened there far exceeded our expectations.

In Mozambique, we empowered young people by providing them with tools and knowledge to repair surfboards, reuse old boards to make new ones using  sustainable and local materials. We taught them our building techniques so they don’t need to use resins and fiberglass. At the same time we instilled values of care and respect for the ocean, and of course, shared some waves with them.

Today, the community of shapers we have formed understands the importance of reducing pollution caused by traditional boards and products. They are now able to manufacture their own boards in a sustainable way and have the necessary knowledge to improve their economy in a responsible and viable way.

In addition, we also imparted knowledge about sustainable business models, allowing the local community to benefit economically through tourism without compromising the environment.

Flama Circular is not just a project, it is a mission. It is about generating a positive impact on the entire ecosystem that surrounds the world of surfing. All this, done through collaboration and knowledge sharing. 

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All images by Rita Galanó



Kutxa Bilbao Surf Film

The Kutxa Bilbao Surf Film Festival has been a resounding success, attracting a multitude of surf and film enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. With attendance exceeding 12,000 people, the festival presented more than 80 films from 20 different countries.


In this vibrant setting, Flama Circular + Old Surfer unveiled our mission in defense of the oceans and against pollution. We participated in one of the most prominent events in the surfing world, surrounded by the most influential leaders in the industry. In this inspiring context, we extended an invitation to everyone to join the wave of transformation we are leading.

Andrea Molina

Discover who our Flamer and surfer Andrea Molina is and what she does. Learn how it is possible to change towards a more sustainable life that includes surfing.

Andrea Molina is an outstanding Spanish surfer who is making her mark in the surfing world. Specializing in longboarding, she demonstrates a unique versatility in choosing boards according to sea conditions. In addition to her prowess on the waves, Andrea is recognized for her deep commitment to environmental protection and respect for nature.

If you want to improve your longboarding skills, let Andrea guide you at @protrainingsurfschool

Build & Surf Cádiz

In October 2023, in the workshop we held in Cadiz, we built our own high-performance surfboards from start to finish with FlamaVolta technology. It is one of the most environmentally friendly construction methods available today. It uses a lamination method with no fiberglass or toxic chemicals, which allows us to manufacture high performance and durable surfboards.

“FLAMA CIRCULAR Build and Surf Cadiz 2024” was a unique event that combined sustainable surfboard building with surf workshops and community activities.

It was more than an event, for five days we had an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the exciting world of surfing while learning how to contribute together to a more sustainable future. In addition, we learned about carpentry techniques, combinations and finishe.